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Reviews and Testimonials  

"My sister and I had a wonderful time at Ridge Ranch today! We did the goat yoga and both the hostess (owner) and yoga instructor were gracious and welcoming. Would 100% recommend and we are looking forward to going again in the future! "

Suzanne E.

"I went to Ridge Ranch today and had the best time. The animals were so sweet and gentle and my nephew was so happy! I was equally as excited to snuggle all the cute animals. I can’t wait to go back."

Dylan M. 

"Ridge Ranch is the best - such a fun place to visit and spend time with amazing animals. Dan and Arielle are experts and show you how to feed the animals, brush them, and even cuddle some of the babies! Highly recommend planning a visit!" 

Lia M

Our Story

Once upon a time... we lived in a much bigger house on a much smaller piece of land right near the center of town.  Making the most of what we could on only a few acres you could find a small garden, a mini pond, a little loop of a trail and a flock of chickens.  An old farmhouse lock and key sat on the kitchen shelf representing.  This represented that it takes two make something work and that one day we would build the dream farmhouse.

Late one Sunday there was quick text message exchange as we were hundreds of miles apart.  "Hey wanna move to Patterson?"  We had found just the right opportunity.  Four days later the house was on the market and two days after that the house had an offer on it. 

The moving process was grueling as we were significantly downsizing our lives.  After 6 weeks of moving things every night after work we took a deep breath and said, “now that we are at least here we can do everything we want at our leisure.”  

One night shortly after the move we sat around a quickly thrown together fire pit with friends and were randomly having a conversation about goats maybe the following year…

This was the conversation the following day;

Dan:  Can you go to Cortland Manor tomorrow on your way home from work?

Arielle: For what?

Dan:  There is a goat there I need you to pick up?

Arielle:  I thought we said we were going to maybe start looking next year?

One goat quickly turned into a whole herd of goats.  Then real work began, shipping containers for storing all of our stuff, moving giant boulders, digging up plants and trees, creating more usable space, finding places for all of our things, purchasing equipment, creating an LLC and dealing with many unforeseen obstacles.  Well goats were the "gateway drug."  At Ridge Ranch you can now find; Nigerian Dwarf, Nubian and Mini Nubian goats, mini donkeys, Micro Zebus, Mini and Micro Highlands and crosses and a Brahman.  

When we moved we did not anticipate this is where we would be but we feel blessed that it is where we are.  Here the possibilities are endless.